Why Rent-to-Own?

Simply because

a) You cant save up enough money by the rate houses prices are going up.
b) Its easy to pay off a Mortgage than to save money

Rent to Own is a fantastic concept which has been gaining traction among renters who want to gain access to the benefits of home ownership, but have unique circumstances preventing them from making the leap into home ownership. If you are interested in owning your own home, but something is currently holding you back, Then Rent to Own may be the answer to your concerns.

What’s Good About Rent To Own

There are several reasons why someone might want to lease a home with the option to purchase:

$$ You have some down payment (to show you are serious to become a home owner)

$$ You need time to resolve credit problems and or need time to build a down payment,however you want a place to call home

$$ You want to stop moving and settle down in life

$$ You are in a 2- 3 yr lease as the landlord will sell to you at a pre-determined price

$$ Your rent will not go up during the term and you will not be forced to move

Why would I want to be a home owner when I can rent?

The proof lies in the pudding. According to CMHC at an average a home owner will have $83000.00 more money than a renter in his / her life time.

What are the Rent-to-Own home benefits?

If you’re still renting, throwing away your hard earned money, and making your landlord rich, we want to help you become a home owner now!Our Rent To Own program is perfect if you want to buy a home ,but are stuck because of one or more of the following:rent to own Brampton houses

  • Bad credit or no Credit
  • Not a large enough down payment
  • Not enough of an employment history
    (new  business owner or new job)

Rent-to-own in simple terms is renting your chosen house for a period of time while part of the monthly payment is saved towards the purchase of the home when you buy the house.   There is a small initial deposit to help towards sufficient down payment.

Ken Kochar

Welcome to Rent to Own homes

Where you can Rent to own homes anywhere in GTA. You can choose the rent to own house and my investors will “Rent To Own” for you. You can choose to be in a 2 year deal or a 3 year deal.

Buying or selling real estate is a very important decision, and if you are not supported by a professional,it can be stressful.

Often it is the largest financial investment decision and some people will try making that decision without the help of a professional. Hence making it all the more difficult for themselves.

It is one decision that has a lasting impact on your life. Whether you are purchasing for the first time or needing to refinance or sell your existing property to buy a larger one, I help you navigate through the entire process from start to finish.

I am well supported by a team of legal and financial experts and can also recommend qualified building inspectors, appraisers and other professionals as needed.

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From my standpoint it is a win win situation….. I truly believe in it.